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September 13, 2005 ]
and that would be the end of this journal.....
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September 13, 2005 ]
[ mood | amused ]

dont look if you trust your boyfriendCollapse )

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September 13, 2005 ]
[ mood | horny ]

Pretty Messy
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September 11, 2005 ]
[ mood | okay ]

What I did this summer:
.went to cedar point
.worked like crazy
.fell in love..again
.seen my family
.had a 1st b-day party for my baby
.went to a few too many parties
.applied to go back to school
.got a ring *winkers*
.realized alot of my old friends were assholes and i honestly dont know why we were ever friends in the first place
.a pat test :i told you:
.got ready for a wedding

So the wedding is in about two weeks, its september 30th. I'm gettin really excited. the bachlorette party is the 24th. its gonna be fun.

Oh and someone in my family is goin to jail...i dont really want to say who...but its someone who used to live in my house. turns out they stole about 15,000 from someone and they caught them. but thats what you get and not to mention thats also the reason i have no gas at my house and i gotta take cold showers and have no oven or nothing....but thats what they get.

Well I called off today just to lay around so thats whay im goin to do....

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September 4, 2005 ]
[ mood | grateful ]

So I've been tellin y'all for liek a week now...ITS CODYS BIRTHDAY! God its so weird.

Me and Floyd took him to get his pictures done today...he had some with a basketball...which you all know his daddy loved <3 and then of course some with that big number one...and man did he look liek a lil pimp which he is...his cute akademiks jeans and a white tee with the akademiks button up plaid shirt......hes pimpin. We jelled up his hair ohhhhh he looked sooo cute.

Tommorow is his lil birthday party. But hes at his grandmas tonite. so I can clean house and get everything set up. but you know...aint much of that going on since me and floyd barely have the house to ourselves. *winkers*  its so nice to sit around and watch movies and be alone no baby just one nite.....i love it. but i also love my baby and his lil ugly faces, and his hulk moves.

one year ago i was just going into labor....well in like an hour and a hlaf my labor started....2 o clock i was on the phone with ryan fogg....eating some cereal....making a cd. and i was watching paycheck.......thats funny that i remember all that. 

and 2morrow is mine and #2's anniversary...I met him in the labor room. i was high as hell and he said 'hi im floyd'  and i started crying and told him i didnt liek the way his hair was cut and i didnt liek that he shaved his goatee.....thinkin it was #1 hahaha i was high....oh well.


Anyways....its bed time.

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hey yeah [
August 30, 2005 ]

So I got suspended from work because I walked out a hour and a half early. I was pissed and my boss was just sittin on the phone talking to her husband not helping noone we were busy as fuck and everyone was just acting liek they had forgot how to work or something...so I said fuck it and left. So I got suspended yesterday for three days so i go back on Monday cause I'm off today and the weekend. Thats kinda nice tho...cause tonite we are having a party  and then I gotta get all ready for Codys party on Sunday.

I cant believe hes gonna be one already. It seriously just seems like I had him. And Tonya shes already due in about 2 weeks! But I guess because we all just found out about 4 months ago that she was actually pregnant...maybe thats why it went by so fast. Her baby shower is tommarrow. And she is so excited about Codys party. She loves Cody. I love my friends. She said she went and spent liek 150 on him. She said she was just gonna buy this outfit and then she just kept seeing stuff to buy then her boyfriend tommy finally pulled her outta the store. But thats okay becuase I spent a lil more then that on her little girl coming. "thats codys soulmate" hahah Cody loves her big ol belly.

So I got my dress all fitted and everything. I look so hott. WITH TWO T'S haha. And we went to the florist and picked out all the flowers and everything. Its gonna be the most beautiful wedding. And my brother said hes gonna let Floyd be a grooms man. which is really cool cause that means we get to walk down the aisle together. I wish Cody coulda been apart of it, but my nephew is the ring bearer hes like 3. so that makes more sense.


Food time....i'm hungry.


my baby

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oh and i forgot! [
August 26, 2005 ]
[ mood | silly ]

I don't need me a basketball player
All I need is somebody that's down for me
And he don't have to have money
His love is just like honey
It's so sweet to me
He can have everything in this world
But he'll sacrifice it all for me
And I made up my mind i'm in love this time
And it feels so real

And I
Know that he won't break my heart
And I
Know that we won't never part
It's time
Time for us to settle down
And I
Wanna be with him forever

They can say that I am crazy
For makin him my baby
But it's how it's gone be
See I done been through many changes
But this one I ain't changing
It's gone stay the same
I can have everything in this world
But i'll sacrifice it all for him
And I made up my mind i'm in love this time
And it, it feels so real

And I
Know that he won't break my heart
And I
Know that he won't never part
It's time
Time for us to settle down
And I
Wanna be with him forever

I love you And all of the things that
You do
I need you
I do
Cause I love you I love ya and every little thing baby
You do
They don't know how I feel
Cause I know this is real

And I
Know that he won't break my heart
And I
Know that we won't never part
It's time
Time for us to settle down
And I
Wanna be with him forever

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we changed the words.... [
August 26, 2005 ]
[ mood | in love for real ]

Hey girl, How you doin'
My name is Chris, last name Colvin
I was wonderin' if I could take you out
Show you a good time, invite you to my house
Here is my number, girl you can call me
And don't forget it baby, the name is Chris

Hey boy, How you doin'
My name is Leah, last name Reimer-Colvin
I was wonderin' if I could take you out
Show you a good time, invite you to my house
Here is my number, boy you can call me
And don't forget it baby, the name is Leah

Now, I finally got somebody to ride in my new Coupe with
And somebody to chill with on the weekend
This was just a house, until you came and made it a home
Love, thank god! you didnt count me out, just cuz of an asshole
But the hell with what was his name?, I've found real love
Bein' in love is good for your health
Now i can share this fortune and fame with someone else
We a happy family....chris leah and cody



uh huh....you know whats up. I love my kiss. Fuck everything in the past, on his side and mine. Its just me him and cody now.


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since you...life seems perfect [
August 21, 2005 ]
[ mood | silly ]

so my babys birthday is in exactly two weeks. one year old! i cant believe it. which means in one week...it is another one of mine and floyds anniversary. shhhh ;) hahaha sooo much has been happening lately on Friday me and floyd went to the casino.....we won. i'm not gonna say how much but its alot. i thought i was gonna have a heart attack after i realized just how much it really was. it was sooo weird he was over at the dollar machines and i was at the quarter machines and he came runnin over talking about he won and we gotta go to the claim counter and at that exact moment i hit. it was so crazy....noone believed us. but fuck em we got the money to prove. then yesterday i went to the state fair with Tramell, Chris and B...i won a stuffed animal. ALL BY MYSELF! :P then i went and stayed at floyds house...me and cody, and today we went shopping and i finally found the perfect ring, it took about a week or two but i finally found it. its gorgeous. i have to go back to work on thursday...floyd goes back wednesday....i hate work. but the good news is....i still have a 100 and something vacation hours....so looks liek ill be taking some more time off here pretty soon. Oakwood can kiss my ass. thats what you get for screwing me over two times. i just made some chocolate cookies and i put too big of scoops on the pan and they all crammed together and i looks liek a huge cookie cake......oh well they still taste good. im gonna go to bed now. i gotta go for a fitting tommrorow.....the wedding is in one month. i got that gold digger song in my head now....i love jamie foxx ehhh......goodnite. oh ps..........housewife? i dont think so.

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awww [
August 18, 2005 ]
[ mood | i love you ]

"We belong together like peanut butter and jelly"


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shit [
August 17, 2005 ]
[ mood | ehhh.....alright ]

so no trip...figures! oh well I still got a week off to do nothing. we might go to six flags....i've never been. or we might just sit here at home and have some personal quiet time.....who knows yet.I get to sell my vacation hours i've got over a hundred....and they said they cut a seperate check so Codys gonna have a nice birthday! I cant believe hes already gonna be 1 year old...in like 2 weeks. its crazy. September 4th for all those who care. and he says "out". i dont know why or how he learned it but thats what he says. dada....mo....out his big vocabulary. haha Someone keyed my car....I am pissed as hell. Today at the airport. yuck why do people gotta be such asses?!  thats really the excitement of my day.....im gonna make a cd and go to bed



i miss youCollapse )


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it usually doesnt go my way.... [
August 16, 2005 ]
[ mood | okay ]

So for some reason our plane got cancelled... something about some coolant or something....so we waited about 2 hours and said fuck it and got our money back, but we are going up there tommorow to see whats really good. but we got a free buddy pass so #2 might go with. ehhhh i dont know if theres even a trip anymore or a point of a trip anymore.

but yesterday was Ryan Foggs b-day. he was drunk as hell! but thats the point of birthdays aint it? I want to go out sooo bad i need a drink or two. I've lost 12 pounds on this new diet thing im doing. its fun. haha. but its working so who cares.

but thats my short lil update thingy.....buh byes

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i cant wait to be 21 [
August 8, 2005 ]
[ mood | tired ]

my mom dad sister and brother went to the casino. So me and Floyd and Cody are sittin here, they are both taking a nap since we've been out all day....

Tommorow I'm goin to Martys house....its been so long since I've seen him, geez back in the dan/kelly/graduation/worst part of my life time. I talked to him last nite and hes goin to pierce my ear too...i forgot what that part is called but the lil thing that kinda sticks out off your face....yea you know what im talking about....its gonna hurt liek a bitch. but oh well....i mean c'mon i had my damn hips pierced!!!!

Then this weekend Ryan Fogg is having a birthday party.....yuck august 15th. i hate that day...but anyways.....my plane leaves that day for good ol minnie. We are going to that mall I forget what its called...the world mall or some shit like that...i dont know.

I go to work wednesday thru sunday then we leave monday for liek a week and a half or something then we both gotta go back to work......yay!

but i'm gonna go lay down....

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this love never ends [
August 7, 2005 ]
[ mood | never been happier ]

Yesterday was Cedar Point. It was alot of fun WE went on that new Maxair it was....alright. then that wicked twister i love that ride. And i actually went on that Dragster ride. I was scared shitless but it was fun as hell. I WOULD NOT go on the millineum force. thats to tall for me. The only reason i went on the dragster was because it goes up fast as hell unlike millineum. You know the click...click...click. Thats the worst part of a roller coaster YUCK but at sunset we went on the ferris wheel it was so cute and romantic He won 2 stuffed animals....Stewie and Brian from Family Guy. And he bought me a dog tag HAHAHA on one side it says bad girl and on the other side it says LEAH & FLOYD <3 <3

#2 bought me a green hoddie that says cedar point in white and yellow and put my name and shit on the back it is sooo cute. That was the most fun I've ever had at Cedar point.

Tommorow my brother is coming to town....we are going to a beach on the west coast of michigan and having a barbeque. I cant wait till me and floyd go out there. its gonna be fun as hell.

And as for my last entry.....its all taken care of. :(

I'm going to take a shower and eat my baby is cookin dinner for the family.

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wow wow wow wow wow [
July 20, 2005 ]
[ mood | ehhh I'm not quite sure ]

Saturday nite was a kid from works house warming party....FUN!

I got puked on, I puked, I fell off some scooter thing and a 250 pound kid landed on me, I broke my pinky finger, Tramell told me he wanted to take care of me and Cody for the rest of our lives and that he loved me and that he would be so much better to me than Floyd could ever be....blah blah blah. I almost got puked on again....it was a crazy hilarious horrible nite. but i had fun. UNTIL the next day when Floyd found out everything that happened and got mad at me and I found out that I'm pregnant again. fun right? It just keeps happening to me. I found out for sure on Monday. Same time I found out I broke my finger. I went to the ER Monday morning...well sunday nite it was liek 3 in the morning. I had lost complete feeling in my finger so Floyd took me to the ER. The lady asked me when my last period was and I told her....March. hahaha. She said that before they do x-rays they'll have to do a pregnancy test. I told her I had taken home tests and they said no but she said just to be safe and did a blood test. And you know....ehhh I dont know what to say about it yet. But I keep thinkin it keeps happenin it must be meant to be...? The good thing is Floyds not mad at me anymore he completley stopped caring about the nite before and got over it. If thats worth it at all im not sure yet.

So ummm...thats a shocker huh? Oh and its official my family is moving out Sept 8th. My sister got a new job and the ladys will finally went through and they get the house in Gibraltor so Floyds gonna move in and we will see where every thing goes from there.

Well I guess I'm about to go take a shower I start my new job tommrormw now I'm working at 7 in the morning. till 330.


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blah blah blah [
July 15, 2005 ]
[ mood | good ]

So today is my day off....finally!

I'm got to go up to my work and sign some vacation papers and shit then me and Floyd and Cody are going to the wyandotte street fair. fun...?

On Aug 5-7 I'm going to Cedar point with the floyds and #2's girlfriend. then on August 8th my brother is coming out here "just to meet floyd" haha bull. so hes gonna stay till the 15th and then on the 15th me and Floyd are going to his house for 2 weeks. He just bought a new house in New Mexico. I cant wait to go. I wish I was 21 so we could stop off in Vegas. but Floyd says he wants to stop by there anyways....*winkers*  My mom says we better not come home married. hahaha. He has basically been living here for the last week or so. And last nite we were at his house and his mom was liek ......"why dont you just move in?" and floyd said cause he hasnt been asked to yet. blah blah blah. I love my baby but.....well have to wait and see.

Oh and my cell phone got turned off a couple days ago. Thank god. No more crazy ass phone calls.I think I'm gonna leave it off for a lil while. I dont really use it anymore.

But I'm about to go eat and take a shower. Buh byes. 

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uhm....whoops? [
July 11, 2005 ]
[ mood | devious ]

i guess i'm evil?

Oh babe is it true that she can't even do the things I do
Are you missing this love I used to give to you
Had you coming in the front door
Leaving out the back at night
Oh babe, oh babe

Oh babe do you stay up all night thinking how I did you right
Are you missing all the ways I used to keep it tight
I'm the only one who knows all the freaky things you like
Oh babe, oh babe

She ain't got that boom like I do
And she don't move the room like I do
And she ain't got the jump in her trunk
Or the bump that you want
And the girl ain't got the moves like I do

And she ain't got that boom like I do
And she don't move the room like I do
she don't put that curl in your toes
When she makes her body roll
And the girl don't work it slow like I do

Oh babe is it true that one day you called her my name
It was then that you knew that it didn't feel the same
Down deep in your mind got you boning me again
Oh babe, oh babe

Oh babe don't pretend that your girls love is as good as mine
If it was you wouldn't be calling me all the time
This love so good and the first thing on your mind
Oh babe, oh babe

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another amusing nite.... [
July 10, 2005 ]
[ mood | tired ]

Friday nite i worked till 1030 and my lips came and got me then we went and got some pizza and came to my house. He stayed the nite...of course. Then yesterday we layed around till about 3 in the afternoon and then went and picked up his car and then we went and played put-put. I <3 Put-Put! And of course....I beat him. Then we did the Go-Karts. He put me to shame as he says. Then we went to Dairy Queen for some ice cream and sat at the park and ate it.

But then last nite around 2 in the morning my phone rang, and me being half asleep I answered it without looking at the caller Id. It was Dan. I think he was drunk? but what else is new these days? He said that he was on his way over and he just wanted to talk to me....What could you possibly have to say to someone at 2 in the morning? So he said for me to be outside and he would be here in 20 minutes. I started thinking about things a lil more and me being all emotional lately got scared. So I woke up Floyd and he told me to call the cops....ehhh I didnt. So then Dan called back and just kept repeating himslef....I'm coming over, we need to talk, you dont need your car we arent going anywhere, blah blah blah. So I sat awake for about the next hour and a half wondering what was about to happen...then realized he wasnt coming. So I finally fell asleep and then when I woke up around 630 I realized that he had called about 10 more times. So Floyds all pissed off I'm tired as hell, and a lil pissed off. It such a wate of time.

But anyways.....I went and got my eyebrows waxed today and they look so much better then the last time. They look alike! haha.

Well I'm bout to go with floyd to his house to get his shit and I'll be back later.

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July 5, 2005 ]
[ mood | sore ]

so me and cody just got back from the park...he loves the swings. Floyd stayed the nite last nite and i had to drive him to the doctors this morning bc his alternator went in his car. My face is swollen bc of my wisdom teeth, and they've been hurting for liek the last two or three days. I HAVE to get them pulled soon. But my lips borrowed my car yesterday to go to his moms barbeque then he picked me up from work. He brought me some lemon rice soup. I love him. Then he stopped at CVS to get me some oragel and out he comes walking with a little teddy bear that says 'I love you'

Then today I left him with my cell phone bc his got turned off and I miss him. I wanna be able to call him. Plus I got a house phone now....so oh well.
I dont even really use that thing anymore.

I'm trying to quit smoking....but the thing is I dont really want to. I like smoking. But I know it upsets Floyd and liek 3 people I know just died from lung cancer. Which makes you think. But still....I like smoking.

Speaking of which...I'm goin to do that now.

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yea yea yea.... [
July 3, 2005 ]
[ mood | loved ]

SO last nite I went to the Wyandotte fireworks with Cole....at first we didnt see anyone, but then we just kept running into people we dont really like. We were walking and I saw Ryan Fogg so I walked up to him and uhm...he was with Dan. He thought it would be cool to throw some chips at me then apologize. So anyways as we were walking away from them...once again Dan thought it would be cool to jump on my back and burn me with his cigg. But me and Cole did the good 'ol duck and hide. So anyways....I saw Steve Chester and some girl I work with....uhm some faggot ass kids from high school, and some 16-17 year old sluts.

Floyds phone got turned off....the last time I talked to him was Friday afternoon. He called today but I missed it. And I didnt want to call the number back. But he can still send me text messages on his phone, so i still get the daily 'I love you'

gotta go

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